Comperia is the first and the biggest Poland’s internet financial comparing website. The company allows for internet users the selection of the best products among bank offers, insurers, leasing companies, TFI and other offerors of financial and extra-financial products.

The Company’s activity stands for keeping internet portals of financial subject which allow the internet user for comparing financial products (credit, deposit and insurance products) offered on a certain moment by financial institutions and selection of the most beneficial offer. The most popular portals belonging to the Company are: „” (the first in Poland comparing website of financial products), “” (internet search engine of mortgage credits), „” (engine search of bank outlets and ATMs), “” (portal devoted to market of motorization and car credits), „” (financial portal devoted to bank accounts), „” (website of Company’s partnership program). In case of interest of the internet user with a certain financial product offered by a specific financial institution, the internet user by form has a possibility to leave his/her contact data which shall allow for a financial institution a contact with internet user and finalizing a transaction (so-called „lead”). Financial institutions, directly or by intermediation of media houses, for receipt of „leads” they pay to the Company commissions amounting into ordinary a couple of dozens zloty.

The commission paid to the Company does not depend upon on the fact whether after contact of financial institution with internet user decides for finalizing the transaction or is not of percentage nature. Company’s activity stands for generating „leads” is related to market of internet effectiveness advertising. The Company also gains revenues on placing on its portals image adverts of financial institutions.

Pursuant to the report „IAB/PwC AdEx 2012” value of internet advertising market in Poland increased from PLN 0,7 billion in 2007 into PLN 2,2 billion in 2012 which means that average annual pace of growth of this market in 2007-2012 amounted into 25,7%.

According to forecasts of PwC until 2017 the expenditures for advertising in Internet shall amount in Poland USD 1,131 million and shall almost be equal to expenditures for TV advertising. At the same time, forecasted the pace of growth of polish market of internet advertising, on average annual basis increased by 13, 9% while significantly exceeding one-digit dynamics in majority of countries of Western Europe. The crucial purpose of Company’s strategy is increasing value for stockholders by further strengthening of its market standing and optimization of a business model which the Company intends to gain by increasing the obtained internet movement and maximization of conversion index, starting activity within sale of insurance, expanding the portfolio of offered products as well as development of „ComperiaLead” partnership program.

We invite to learn the presentation concerning our Company:

The company forms capital group in which it is a dominating entity.

Below there was presented scheme of the Group.


Comperia Ubezpieczenia – a limited liability company with its seat in Warsaw, the scope of its activity is first of all activity facilitating financial services with exclusion of insurance and OAP funds, insurance agents and  brokers as well as other activity facilitating insurance or intermediation in the trade of real estate.

The sole shareholder of Comperia Ubezpieczenia is S.A., which holds 100 shares of nominal value PLN 500,00 of total nominal value in the amount PLN 50 000.

  • Karol Wilczko

    Karol Wilczko

    Vice-President of S.A.

    Completed higher studies at the faculty: Finance and Banking in Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw; holds a diploma of completion of a course devoted  to finance management in a company at Northwestern University - School of Continuing Studies, Chicago.

    Professional experience: (previously Serwisy Finansowe Online Sp. z o.o.) - (since May 2007 until now) - Member of Management Board, shareholder,
    Noble Bank (November 2006 r. – May 2007 r.) - private banker, branch manager,
    Open Finance (November 2004 r. - June 2006 r.) - financial consultant, branch manager,
    Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. (March 2004 r. - November 2004 r.) - corporate dealer.

    Karol Wilczko holds 181 207 of Existing Stocks, constituting 8,40% in Company’s share capital and entitling to execute 6,37% of total number of votes at General Stockholders’ Meeting.



    Łukasz Tatarkiewicz

    Member of the Board



    Szymon Fiecek

    Member of the Board

  • Marek Dojnow

    Chairman of Supervisory Board

    Until the moment of incorporating the FIDEA in 2005, Marek Dojnow fulfilled the functions of managing director and president of management board of ABN AMRO Corporate Finance in Poland, participating in all transactions operated by ABN AMRO Corporate Finance in Poland since 1999.

    Before starting work in ABN AMRO Corporate Finance, Marek fulfilled the function of department director of Primary Market of Debentures in ABN AMRO Bank (Polska) S.A. Marek started work in ABN AMRO in 1995 and was involved in numerous domestic and foreign transactions on primary market of debentures and in strategic transactions of the Bank in Poland.

    Before starting working in ABN AMRO, Marek worked almost for 3 years in Warsaw and London international office of Clifford Chance law office where he specialized in bank and capital market transactions. Earlier for a year Marek was working as Minister Assistant of Office Chief of Ministers’ Council, Jan Maria Rokita, in government run by Hanna Suchocka.

    Marek completed department of law at Warsaw University. During studies Marek participated in programs within law at Le Mans University and University in Strasbourg in France. Marek uses English and French fluently.

    Company of Cyprus Law, FIDEA CAPITAL, holds 336 985 Existing Stocks, constituting 21,36% in Company’s share capital and entitling to execute 25,44% of total number of votes at General Stockholders’ Meeting.


  • Derek Alexander Christopher

    Vice-Chairman of Supervisory Board

    Specialist within international finance with extensive 25-year experience within management of enterprises, investments and capital markets, bookkeeping and fund management. He supervised and conducted independent analyses and investment evaluation.

    For years he has been Member of many Supervisory Boards. He worked on key positions, among others, in Goldman Sachs & Co, Citigroup/Citicorp, Polsko-Amerykański Funduszu Przedsiębiorczości, Polsko-Amerykański Bank Hipoteczny and Creditanstalt-SCG Fund Management.

    1986 - 1988 J.L. Kellogg School of Management (Post-graduate Department of Management), Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. Title of Masters of Management (Master of Business Administration) within finance and economics.

    1982– 1986 WOFFORD COLLEGE, Spartanburg, Southern Carolina. Title: Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude) within entrepreneurship and economics. Member of association: Phi Beta Kappa, awards: American Legion Award and Department of Economics.


  • Tomasz Góreczny

    Member of Supervisory Board

    Mr.Tomasz Góreczny completed MA studies in Warsaw School Economics in Warsaw at the faculty: Finance and Banking (specialization:  Investment Banking, Accounting and Finance of Enterprises, 2000-2005) as well as Post-graduate Studies at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw (faculty: International Relations and Diplomacy, 2012-2013). Mr. Tomasz Góreczny operates single-person business activity with company named with its seat in Warsaw (as its founder and CEO) which operated in the area of business consulting in the scope of strategy, business development, finance and negotiations. Present professional experience of Mr. Tomasz Góreczny covers especially fulfilling the following functions: Deputy of Financial Manager in Pol-Tex Methane Sp. z o.o., Wrocław (March 2007 - July 2013), Finance Consultant for Management Board in CH4 Sp. z o.o., Wrocław (November 2007 – September 2013), Senior Analyst in Taurus Partners Sp. z o.o., Warsaw (investment boutique incorporated and conducted by previous partners and directors in Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, January 2005 – February 2007).


  • Jacek Łubiński

    Member of Supervisory Board

    Mr. Jacek Łubiński obtained MA diplomas of: Academy of Economics in Poznań (presently Economic University in Poznań) at the faculty: Management and Marketing, specialization: Capital Investments and Financial Strategies of Enterprises; Poznań University of Technology at the faculty: IT and Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt in Austria at the faculty: IT.

    Professional experience:

  • Since 2008 he provides services of economic consulting for companies, mainly within transaction of mergers and acquisitions and capital investments;

  • Since 2006 until 2008 he has been working in Technological Group of Deloitte Business Consulting in Warsaw office.

  • Within latest three years Mr. Jacek Łubiński was and still is partner in Innoverse Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw.


  • Przemysław Czuk

    Member of Supervisory Board

    Mr. Przemysław Czuk completed higher studies at the faculty: Finance and Banking in Warsaw School of Economics (1993-1998) and PhD studies at the faculty: Finance and Management also in Warsaw School of Economics (2004-2007). In 1997 -2003 he was working in audit companies: Arthur Andersen Sp. z o.o. and Ernst and Young Sp. z o.o. Then in 2004 - 2008 he fulfilled managerial functions within finance in such companies as: CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o., Celsa "Huta Ostrowiec" Sp. z o.o., Ruch S.A. In 2009 - 2013 (until March, 31) he fulfilled position of Member of Management Board on Financial matters in J&S ENERGY S.A. and J&S Promo Sp. z o.o. He holds entitlements of chartered auditor.

    Mr. Przemysław Czuk apart from issuer does not perform any activity which has significant meaning for the issuer. In 2009 - 2013 (until March, 31) Mr. Przemysław Czuk was Member of Management Board in companies: J&S ENERGY S.A. and J&S Promo Sp. z o.o.